Frequently asked questions
• How long does it take for the product to be delivered?
The delivery time of your product will be known within 24 hours. Finished products are delivered immediately with shipment within three days. For unprepared products, the shipping time varies from 30-60 days.
For more information you can call 2510622848.
• Do you have a showroom where we can see the furniture up close?
We have six physical stores in Kavala, Drama, Serres and Orestiada where you can visit us to advise you or help you place your order. We are open from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 21:00 and Saturday 09:00 – 15:00.
• Do you make furniture?
We have a wide variety of options, although we do not manufacture them. We work directly with the manufacturers, so the furniture reaches the customer directly without going through intermediaries.
• Can colors other than those displayed on the web page be selected?
Most of the colors we have can be found in our color chart, but in any case you could contact us to inform you about this product either by sending us an email at or by phone 2510-622846-8.
• Is it possible to order furniture in specific dimensions?
We have a wide variety of proposals and we are sure that we will find something suitable according to your dimensions. However, in our specific products you have the option to order the dimension that suits you best!
• Do you deal with kitchen design?
We can make you a kitchen design from individual cabinets of your choice. You should send us your kitchen design or measurements to The responsible employee will inform you about the models, colors and prices of the accessories you want to perfect the kitchen of your dreams.
• Where is the price of the furniture?
All product prices are listed next to the product. If there are additional options to choose from, the price will be adjusted automatically and will change immediately in your order basket. Prices include VAT.
• How long do you ship the furniture?
In case the products are in our warehouses, they are sent immediately. In case of order it will take 30-60 working days. The average delivery time varies. Each product has a different delivery time because the products are made by different manufacturers either in Greece or abroad.
• Do you provide a guarantee for your furniture?
All products receive a 24 month warranty. If something happens, we will not leave you with problems ?
• How can I pay for the furniture?
There are some payment methods that can be chosen: by bank transfer, by card at Piraeus Bank. Payments by bank transfer must be made at least a few days before delivery.
At CASA DI KOUROS you can use the payment method that suits you. We also offer interest-free installments with all credit cards. Up to 36 interest-free installments for purchases over € 500, up to 24 interest-free installments for purchases over € 300. In any case the driver is not allowed to leave the furniture without payment confirmation.
• How do I place an order?
You can place an order on the website or by writing us an email at with your full name.
• How can I find out about my order?
You can contact us by phone at 2510 622846-8 or by e-mail at with the number of your order form and we will provide you with information about the current status of your order and if it is already possible – the date delivery
• Do you provide VAT invoices for companies?
Our company sells products as retail so in your online purchase you will not find a form to fill in your company details. You can receive an invoice after mentioning it in the comments and provide us with detailed information about your company
• How can I cancel my order?
If you wish to cancel your order for any reason and if possible (only in ready-made products), you can do so by contacting us at 2510 622846-8 or at
• Do you deliver for free? Can the driver bring the order into my house or apartment?
From Orestiada to Thessaloniki the delivery, installation and assembly of our products is free. As for the other areas, the person in charge of your order will inform you about the shipping costs.
• What should I do if I received furniture with defects or missing pieces?
If you received an order with defects, damage or missing parts, let us know immediately at 2510 622846-8 or at
You should also send a photo to our email to that will allow us to determine the exact defect. These photos will then be sent to the manufacturer and then we will inform you about the progress of your request.
• Can I see if the product I want to buy is available?
Through our website you can search by the code or by the name of the product you are interested in. You can also find out by calling 2510 622846-8 if available. You can find out about the materials from which your product was made and confirm that it fits in the space where you want to place it.
• How can I make a complaint?
At Casa di Kouros we like to hear your opinion because you help us become better. You can call us from a landline on the Service line at 2510 622846-8. If you want you can contact us in writing at email: If you want to talk to us, we are always at your disposal in our physical stores.
Can I change my mattress in case it does not suit me (dimension, height… ..)?
In case you change your mind about the type of mattress you bought, the company can only make a change within 24 hours from the time of delivery, and the cost of returning the mattress to the company is borne by you.
• What does the price of a sofa depend on?
The price of each sofa is determined by six important factors:
• Quality of construction materials
• The type and quality of fabrics
• The quality of the production process
•The  plan
• Intermediate distribution media (how many hands it changes until it reaches you from the producer)
• Its origin
• The mechanisms at its disposal
We at CASA DI KOUROS with our 20 years of experience in furniture import
we choose the best raw materials.
We work with the top fabric dealers to give you the privilege of choosing from the richest range of Class A fabrics. We choose factories with modern methods of furniture making. State-of-the-art technologies are utilized at all stages of production. And our experienced partners are constantly evolving their technique so that each of our products is of impeccable quality and offers you the maximum comfort and ergonomics.
Our design team carefully studies the new fashion trends and taking into account the constantly changing needs of a house, creates for you new designs on functional and modern sofas to decorate your living room with the most beautiful furniture.
We have eliminated the intermediaries and so you can contact us directly without any delays.
CASA DI KOUROS faithful to its philosophy for quality and economical furniture uses:
Solid beech wood of A quality. One of the most compact and heavy natural materials that ensures the high durability of the frame and guarantees that you will have the furniture with you for a lifetime.
At CASA DI KOUROS COMPANY we do not hide anything. We are proud of our constructions and we prove it.
Consistency is a fundamental principle of our company. From the stage of your order, we calculate the possible delivery date.
The customer is very important to us so we make sure to be by your side with new proposals, consistency and good prices.
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