Mattress Warranty and Instructions for Use
All mattresses of Casa di Kouros are made according to the strictest international standards that ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep. Internationally accepted and approved materials with the strictest terms and standarts have also been used.
The guarantee of the mattresses of Casa di Kouros is provided if its terms and conditions are met as well as the instructions for their use.
Kouros Company  covers the following:
•  3 year warranty for fabrics, seams, zippers, foam materials, deformation or breaking of springs.
Terms and conditions
• The warranty is valid from the moment of receipt by you and covers construction errors or hardware failure.
• The guarantee is valid only for the Greek territory.
• Proof of purchase is required to verify the market in order to provide warranty services.
• Photographic material that proves the problem of the mattress, the purchase receipt and a photo of the bed base, send an e-mail to: and an autopsy will be launched with our team.
The guarantee does not cover:
• Wet or moldy mattress.
• Dirty or sloppy mattress.
• You do not consider a mattress that has suffered a normal dent due to human weight to be defective.
• A dent that is greater than 10% of the original height is considered defective. For example, a layer of 35 cm, with a dent up to 3.5 cm, is considered normal.
• Before choosing a mattress, try the variety of Kouros mattresses in one of its stores. In case the mattress does not cover you in terms of comfort, there is no change or refund.
• Carefully measure the dimensions of the mattress that suits you, before ordering. In case of a wrong dimension you lose your deposit and the correction of the dimensions is done at your own expense.
• All matresss have a deviation of + – 1.5 cm from their dimensions, due to the nature of their materials.
• Like any new product, the mattress has the characteristic smell of the new. Once you have received it, remove the mattress packaging and let the product breathe for a while before laying your blanket or sheet. After a few days the smell will disappear.
• After some time of use of the mattress it makes sense to observe a slight receding of its surface. This is because the foam adapts and hugs your body. A drop in the surface of your mattress, up to 3cm, is within the allowable limits and is not considered a defect.
• The foam materials of your mattress are slightly adjusted to embrace your body, this is completely normal and necessary for the mattress to give you comfort and proper support.
• You need time to get used to your new mattress. So give your new mattress some time to adjust to the curves of your body and your sleeping posture and it will give you a unique hug. About a month of adjustment is recommended.
• Our company implements the Environmental Management System. This means that after using it you can dispose of it as solid waste.
• Do not use a base smaller than the size of the mattress. There is a case of alteration of springs and materials due to pressure. Prefer Casa di Kouros base that is made to match the company’s mattresses perfectly.
• If you do not have a Casa di Kouros base, place the mattress on a dry, sturdy and flat surface (no gaps). The wrong base causes damage to the mattress and changes the support and feel that the mattress offers.
• Prefer a bed without boards. If you have a bed with boards, the boards should touch or not leave a large gap of up to 4 cm to withstand the springs of the mattress. If the bed has a plywood or chipboard base, drill holes at regular intervals for better airflow.
• Use a Casa di Kouros cover or mattress to protect your mattress from dust, mites and stains.
• Ventilate your mattress often, leaving it completely uncovered for a few hours, at least once a month. Be careful not to ventilate it on the balcony as it should not be exposed to sunlight.
• Turn your mattress upside down if it is double sided or change the direction if it is one sided every two months. For convenience, some models have markings on the corners of the mattress.
• Do not iron on your mattress. Steam is a source of growth for mites and other microorganisms that can cause mold.
• Do not use an electric blanket, especially on mattresses containing memory foam or latex as this may impair the function and performance of the materials.
• Do not use the mattress as a substitute for the sofa and prevent children from using it as a “trampoline”. Such use could lead to deterioration and deformation of the springs.
• When transporting or moving the mattress, be careful not to fold or bend it and do not place a heavy load on it. If necessary, place it in a protective package that completely covers it.
• Do not use a cotton cloth to clean or wipe your mattress.Do not use bleach, detergent or any other color that causes discoloration. Also do not use carpet cleaners or hard brushes.
• Do not use steam as it may cause moisture and mold inside the mattress.
• Clean by rubbing with a little soap and water in the same direction as the mattress fibers.
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