Furniture Warranty and Care Instructions
Furniture Warranty and Care Instructions
Dear Customer,
 Congratulations on your purchase from KOUROS stores
 Our company informs you that…
The beds with storage space or with a base – base, sofas, dining tables and other furniture that our company markets have been manufactured according to the strictest international standards and have successfully passed all the endurance & safety tests.Therefore we guarantee their ideal behavior and their long-term durability. The following guarantee is provided for the possibility of a problem in their behavior (construction error):
KOUROS COMPANY provides a two-year (2 years) warranty on all its furniture, which covers the repair of defects that occur within the warranty period and are proven to be due to material failure or a construction error.
The warranty covers two (2) years from the date of purchase and concerns the construction materials of the sofas and other furniture, in more detail as follows:
Sofas: Warranty on metal frame, mechanisms and fabric parts.
Other PANEL furniture (dining rooms, wooden beds, etc.): Warranty for plastic and metal fasteners, mechanisms (doors, drawers, etc.), as well as fabric parts.
Fabric parts: 
Because the collection of living rooms is constantly changing and renewed following the market trends, some living room fabric may not be available at the time of warranty.
In this case, the experts of our company will suggest you alternative solutions that will satisfy you aesthetically and practically for the best result in your space.
If the defect of your bed or sofa or furniture is generally found to be due to a manufacturing defect and is within the warranty period, the cost of repair or replacement, spare parts and transport will be borne by KOUROS company.
If it is found that the problem is due to misuse of the product and the product is under warranty, then the cost of its repair (spare parts, labor, transport, etc.) is borne exclusively by the customer.
The warranty does not cover damage, wear or damage to furniture due to misuse, natural disasters or other external events.
It does not cover damages due to abnormal environmental conditions such as humidity, exposure to excessive heat or cold or bright light, long-term accumulation of dust, etc.
Furniture that shows obvious defects such as bumps, tears, burning, etc. are excluded from the warranty.
Damage to furniture due to the use of inappropriate or non-genuine spare parts or the intervention of an unauthorized person is excluded from the warranty.
Do not leave your furniture exposed to the sun, humidity, dust and high temperatures.
Protect your furniture from sharp objects, lighted cigarettes and scratches.
Keep the furniture at least 30-40 cm away from heat sources.
Do not close drawers and doors abruptly
Open and close the storage spaces on bases and sofas gently without sudden vibrations and bumps.
Do not store more items than allowed and heavy enough to comfortably close the top of the bed with storage space.
For long distances do not move the furniture (such as sideboards, cupboards, shop windows, etc.) by dragging or pulling them. Disassemble them and move all moving parts separately.
Do not use the product for a different use than intended.
Clean your furniture with special and only furniture cleaning products or with a soft cloth, leaving the surface dry.
For stubborn stains, use a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water and carefully wipe the surface.
Clean mirrors and glass surfaces with a dry soft cloth.
Be sure to clean stains due to hot or cold liquids immediately.
Do not use products with acidic or basic PH.
Avoid using sharp objects to clean furniture.
If, during the use of your furniture, you notice a construction error or failure of its construction material, contact the service department of our company immediately. A specialized executive of our company, by appointment, will visit your place and will check the problem of your furniture.
In addition it will inform you about the coverage and the procedure to be followed in order to serve you immediately.
The cost of repairing any problem with your furniture is covered as follows:
A. For products under warranty:
Warranty coverage is provided FREE OF CHARGE.
B. For products under warranty:
The purchase of new spare parts or accessories or the repair of furniture, are entirely the responsibility of the customer.
Terms and conditions
The warranty is valid from the moment of receipt by you and covers construction errors or hardware failure.
Proof of purchase is required to verify the market in order to provide warranty services.
The guarantee is valid only for the Greek territory.
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